Vacuum brazed Water cooling pl
Vacuum brazed Water cooling pl
Vacuum brazed Water cooling pl
CNC machined
CNC machined
CNC machined


高速導軌或高鐵電機車真空釺焊 OEM液體冷卻板 適用於:大型海洋設備和船舶冷卻系統
  • The materials for vacuum brazing are mainly aluminum 6061/6063/1060 and composite aluminum plates. After CNC machined grooves and holes in the corresponding water channel shape, in a vacuum state, use a solder with a melting point lower than that of the parent material. At a temperature higher than the melting point of the solder material, the liquid solder is used to wet, spread and fill the surface of the base material to realize the connection between the parts. The air brazing water-cooled plate uses this principle to achieve The perfect connection of aluminum base plate, composite brazing material plate and aluminum cover plate. At present, our company's products are widely used in high-speed rail locomotives, lasers, power generation, imaging equipment, transportation, military industry, air separation equipment, petrochemical equipment, medical equipment, For construction machinery, new energy, ships and household appliances, water cooling systems use the characteristics of large heat transfer coefficients of liquid flow, relying on liquid flow to transfer high heat. It is currently one of the most effective heat dissipation methods, which can dissipate hundreds of watts to thousands of watts. Calories

    Professional R&D and production of water-cooled plates, vacuum brazing, drilling, pressure tube, assembly, and water-cooling plates are high-efficiency radiators for power components such as IGBT, GTO, etc., which control the temperature of the power module to make it work in place The maximum allowable temperature is not exceeded under the environmental conditions. The calculation of the maximum allowable temperature is based on the finite element thermal analysis and the analysis of the working conditions of the components, and is consistent with the reliability requirements of the product and the use environment requirements. So as to achieve the safe, stable and reliable operation of the power module and extend the service life of the equipment

    Typical applications:

    1. Transportation: electric locomotives, motor cars, electric drive ships, electric vehicles, etc.

    2. Power transmission: UHV DC transmission, flexible DC transmission

    3. New energy: wind power, photovoltaic power generation

    4. Others: industrial frequency conversion, signal processing, UPS, medical, laser, etc.

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